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Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size – A High-Performance 1911 Pistol

The 1911 pistol design has a rich history and remains one of the most iconic handguns in the world. Wilson Combat,
known for its top-tier firearms, offers a high-performance variant of the 1911 – the Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite
Full Size. In this review, we’ll explore the features, pros, and cons of this exceptional pistol.

Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size

Key Features

The Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size boasts several key features that set it apart from standard 1911
pistols. Let’s dive into what makes this pistol stand out.

1. X-TAC Tread Pattern

The X-TAC tread pattern on the grip is not just for aesthetics; it provides rock-solid traction and ensures a secure
grip even during high round count shooting. This feature is particularly valuable for maintaining control and

2. Bullet Proof Magwell

The one-piece Bullet Proof Magwell enhances reloading speed and ease, a crucial advantage for competitive shooters
and those who value quick magazine changes.

3. Concealment Hammer and Grip Safety

wilson Combat has thoughtfully incorporated a concealment hammer and grip safety into the design. These features
contribute to a sleek and snag-free profile, ideal for concealed carry and self-defense applications.

4. Serrations and Chamfers

The pistol’s slide features perfectly executed top and rear serrations that not only add to its striking appearance
but also serve a functional purpose by reducing glare on bright range days. Additionally, a heavy machined bottom
slide chamfer enhances aesthetics and reduces sharp edges.

Pros of the Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size:

  • High-Performance: Wilson Combat is synonymous with quality, and this pistol lives up to that
  • X-TAC Grip: The X-TAC grip pattern ensures a secure hold, even in adverse conditions.
  • Quick Reloading: The Bullet Proof Magwell facilitates fast and smooth magazine changes.
  • Concealment Features: The concealment hammer and grip safety make it an excellent choice for
    concealed carry.

Cons of the Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size:

  • Price: While it offers exceptional performance, the Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac elite Full Size is an
  • Not for Novices: This high-performance pistol may not be the best choice for beginners or those
    new to handguns.


The Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size is a top-tier 1911 pistol designed for those who demand excellence in
their firearms. Its combination of performance-enhancing features, high-quality craftsmanship, and concealed carry
adaptability make it an outstanding choice for discerning shooters. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, it’s an investment in reliability, accuracy, and overall
shooting satisfaction. If you’re in the market for a 1911 pistol that delivers on all fronts, the Wilson Combat X-Tac
Elite Full Size deserves serious consideration.


  1. HappyHiker says:

    The X-TAC tread pattern and Bullet Proof Magwell are awesome features. Definitely worth the investment for experienced shooters!

  2. HappyGoLucky says:

    The Wilson Combat 1911 X-Tac Elite Full Size seems like a top-notch pistol with all its amazing features. The X-TAC grip pattern and concealment features are definitely a plus. It might be a bit pricey, but I believe it’s worth the investment for reliability and shooting satisfaction.

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