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Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle Review

If you’re an avid hunter or a shooting enthusiast, you know the importance of having a reliable and accurate rifle. One name that has been synonymous with quality and precision in the world of firearms is Remington. In this review, we’ll dive deep into the Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle, chambered in .308 Winchester with a 22″ barrel and a 4-round magazine capacity.

Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle

Key Features

The Model 700 Alpha 1 showcases modern key features that are second to none. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this rifle apart:

  • Round Receiver: The round receiver design not only enhances the rifle’s aesthetics but also contributes to its overall durability.
  • 5/8 x 24 Threaded Muzzle: This feature allows you to easily attach a suppressor or muzzle brake, reducing recoil and improving accuracy.
  • Precision Ground Recoil Lug: Remington’s commitment to precision is evident in the ground recoil lug, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
  • Enlarged Ejection Port: The enlarged ejection port facilitates smooth and reliable ejection of spent cartridges.
  • One-Piece Spiral Fluted Bolt Body: The bolt design includes a one-piece spiral fluted bolt body with a changeable bolt handle, making it easy to customize to your preferences.
  • Tool-Less Firing Pin Disassembly: Maintenance is a breeze with the tool-less firing pin disassembly, allowing you to keep your rifle in top condition.
  • Sleek External Bolt Release: The external bolt release on the left side of the receiver adds to the rifle’s user-friendly design.
  • Elite Hunter Timney Straight Trigger: The Timney trigger is renowned for its crisp and adjustable performance, ensuring you can achieve the perfect trigger pull.
  • AG Composite Carbon Fiber Stock: The stock is crafted from carbon fiber, providing a perfect balance of strength and lightweight design.

All these features come together to maximize the performance of the Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter with present-day ammunition.

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Performance and Accuracy

When it comes to a hunting rifle, accuracy is paramount. The Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The fluted 5R barrel, combined with the precision ground recoil lug and Timney trigger, ensures that each shot is delivered with exceptional precision.

Whether you’re hunting big game or hitting targets at the range, this rifle’s performance is truly outstanding. The threaded muzzle allows you to further enhance your shooting experience by reducing recoil and muzzle rise when using muzzle devices.

The one-piece spiral fluted bolt body provides smooth and reliable cycling, and the enlarged ejection port ensures that spent casings are ejected consistently, allowing you to stay on target without interruption.

Design and Build

Not only does the Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter perform exceptionally well, but it also boasts an eye-catching design. The carbon fiber stock not only looks great but also offers the advantage of being lightweight yet robust. You can carry this rifle comfortably during long hunting trips without feeling fatigued.

The external bolt release on the left side of the receiver is a thoughtful addition that enhances the rifle’s ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly design of this rifle.

The combination of modern features and Remington’s legendary craftsmanship makes the 700 Alpha 1 Hunter a rifle that stands out in terms of both performance and aesthetics.


The Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter Bolt Action Rifle in .308 Winchester is a true masterpiece of modern firearm engineering. With its precision, performance, and eye-catching design, it’s a rifle that any shooter or hunter would be proud to own.

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Invest in a rifle that defines precision and reliability. The Remington 700 Alpha 1 Hunter is the tool you need for your next hunting expedition or range session. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of firearms history.

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