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Nightforce Wedge Prism Review

When shooting at extreme ranges, many shooters find their riflescope lacks the necessary elevation travel. The Nightforce Wedge Prism is offered in 2 variants, 50 MOA or 100 MOA, that install forward of the riflescope to increase the effective elevation travel. The Wedge Prism optically shifts the incoming image to the riflescope by a precise elevation value, which directly adds to the available elevation travel within the riflescope.

Key Features

  • Available in 50 MOA/14.5 MRAD or 100 MOA/29.1 MRAD variants for extreme long-range use
  • Quick Detach MIL-STD 1913 attachment ensures consistent elevation shift when installed in the field
  • Compatible with all

Overall, the Nightforce Wedge Prism is a valuable accessory for shooters who need additional elevation travel for extreme long-range shooting. Its robust construction, quick detach mechanism, and compatibility with various riflescopes make it a versatile solution for precision marksmen.

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