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Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder Review

If you’re a precision long-range shooter or a dedicated hunter, you understand the importance of accurate rangefinding in the field. Fortunately, Leica has taken rangefinding to the next level with the Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder. This advanced rangefinder offers precision and convenience like never before, making it an essential tool for your shooting and hunting adventures.

Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder

Key Features

The Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder boasts an impressive set of features that set it apart from the competition. Here are some of its key highlights:

  • Precision Rangefinding: With the capability to provide precise rangefinding up to 3,500 yards, this rangefinder is a game-changer for long-range shooters. Whether you’re targeting game or distant targets, you can trust the accuracy of this device.
  • Ballistics Profile: The Leica Hunting app allows you to create your individual ballistics profile quickly and conveniently. This feature enables you to make accurate adjustments for different shooting conditions and ammunition types.
  • Class 3R Laser: The Class 3R laser in the Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM ensures reliable and repeatable measurements. Even in challenging weather conditions and with various target types, you can rely on this rangefinder to deliver precise results.
  • One-Touch Operation: Operating the Rangemaster CRF 3500.COM is a breeze. With just a touch of a button, you can obtain rangefinding measurements in fractions of a second. This quick response time is crucial when time is of the essence in the field.
  • All-Environment Performance: Whether you’re out in bright sunlight or facing adverse weather conditions, this rangefinder performs consistently. Its versatility makes it suitable for all environments, giving you confidence in your shooting or hunting pursuits.

Now, let’s dive deeper into why the Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder stands out as a top choice for precision shooters and hunters.

Precision at Your Fingertips

When it comes to long-range shooting or hunting, precision is non-negotiable. The Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder offers unparalleled precision with its ability to provide accurate rangefinding measurements up to 3,500 yards. Whether you’re tracking a distant trophy or need to calculate the exact distance to your target, this rangefinder delivers with precision and reliability.

The Class 3R laser technology ensures that you can rely on the measurements, even in challenging conditions. Whether it’s rain, fog, or bright sunlight, this rangefinder maintains its accuracy, giving you confidence in every shot you take.

One of the standout features of this rangefinder is its compatibility with the Leica Hunting app. With this app, you can create your personalized ballistics profile, allowing you to make precise adjustments based on your ammunition, shooting angle, and environmental factors. This level of customization is a game-changer for long-range shooters who demand accuracy in every shot.

All-Environment Performance

Hunters and shooters often find themselves in various environmental conditions. The Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM is designed to excel in all of them. Whether you’re hunting in the early morning mist or taking long-range shots under the blazing sun, this rangefinder won’t let you down.

The rugged build and durable construction ensure that it can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and operate, even when you’re wearing gloves. The intuitive one-touch button operation means you can obtain rangefinding measurements quickly and efficiently, without fumbling around with complicated settings.

Having a rangefinder that performs consistently in all conditions gives you the confidence to take on challenging shots and pursue your targets with precision.


The Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder is a game-changer for precision long-range shooters and hunters. Its unmatched rangefinding capability of up to 3,500 yards, combined with the convenience of the Leica Hunting app for ballistics adjustments, sets it apart as a top-tier choice for those who demand accuracy in every shot.

With its Class 3R laser technology, all-environment performance, and user-friendly operation, this rangefinder is a must-have addition to your shooting gear. Whether you’re a professional long-range shooter or an avid hunter, the Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM will enhance your shooting experience and help you achieve better results in the field.


  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Product Name: CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder
  • Product Number: 40508

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your shooting and hunting experience. Get the Leica CRF Rangemaster 3500.COM Rangefinder today and experience precision like never before.

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