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Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle Review

Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle Review

The Franklin Armory BFSIII Equipped M4-HTF XTD R3 is the third edition of the Franklin M4-HTF lineup. This M4 is more than ready for any situation that Hits The Fan. The XTD version comes with a 16″ lightweight contour barrel topped off with our recoil mitigating Aura Muzzle Break. While the FSR Handguard offers a multitude of attachment points for your accessories.

Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16

Key Features

The Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle offers a range of features that make it a top choice for firearms enthusiasts:

  • Barrel Length + Type: 16″ LTW Contour
  • Handguard/Upper: 15″ FSR M-Lok
  • Sights: Optic Ready
  • Twist: 1:7″
  • Charging Handle: Mil-spec
  • Bolt Carrier: Salt Bath Nitride
  • Lower: FAI-15
  • Trigger: Custom Tuned Trigger
  • Gas System: Mfg: Franklin Armory

Performance and Versatility

The Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle is designed for optimal performance in a variety of situations. Its 16″ lightweight contour barrel ensures accuracy and maneuverability, making it suitable for both close-quarters encounters and long-range shots. The inclusion of the FSR Handguard with M-Lok attachment points allows you to customize your rifle with accessories such as optics, grips, and lights. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a tactical operator, the versatility of this rifle will meet your needs.

Quality and Reliability

Franklin Armory is known for producing high-quality firearms, and the M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle is no exception. The salt bath nitride bolt carrier ensures smooth operation and longevity, reducing wear and tear even in demanding conditions. The custom-tuned trigger enhances the rifle’s accuracy, allowing for precise shots with minimal trigger pull. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, you’ll appreciate the consistent and reliable performance of this rifle.

Optic Ready

The M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle comes optic ready, meaning you can easily attach your preferred optics for improved target acquisition and accuracy. Whether you prefer red dot sights, holographic sights, or scopes, this rifle’s Picatinny rail provides a secure and versatile platform for your optics.


The Franklin Armory M4-Htf Xtd R3 16″ Rifle is a versatile and reliable firearm that excels in various shooting scenarios. Its high-quality construction, custom-tuned trigger, and optic-ready design make it a top choice for both experienced shooters and newcomers to the world of firearms.

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