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Foxtrot Mike Products Mike-9B 9mm 16″ Rifle Review

When it comes to versatile and reliable firearms, Foxtrot Mike Products has established itself as a reputable brand in the industry. Their Mike-9B 9mm 16″ Forward Charging Rifle is a prime example of their commitment to quality and innovation. In this review, we’ll explore the exceptional features that make this rifle a top choice for a wide range of shooting applications.

Foxtrot Mike Products Mike-9B 9mm 16" Forward Charging Rifle

The Foxtrot Mike Products Mike-9B 9mm Forward Charging Rifle is designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, recreational enthusiast, or in need of a reliable home defense firearm, this rifle has you covered.

Key Features

The Mike-9B rifle boasts several key features that set it apart:

  • Match Grade 16″ Barrel: The rifle is equipped with a match-grade 16″ barrel designed for precision and accuracy.
  • Forward Charging Handle: Featuring a 4-position non-reciprocating front charge handle, this rifle allows for quick and easy operation.
  • Monolithic Style Upper Receiver: The monolithic upper receiver design enhances rigidity and provides a solid platform for optics and accessories.
  • Mil-Spec Grip and Stock: The rifle comes with mil-spec standard grip and stock for familiarity and comfort.
  • Flash Hider: Equipped with a flash hider to reduce muzzle flash and improve shooting visibility.
  • MLOK Compatible Handguard: The slim and lightweight 15″ free-floated handguard is MLOK compatible, allowing for easy attachment of accessories.

Foxtrot Mike Products has designed this rifle to be Glock magazine compatible, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer Glock magazines. Whether you’re planning to participate in PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) competitions or simply want a reliable 9mm rifle, the Mike-9B has you covered.

One standout feature of this rifle is the patented last round bolt hold open. It’s known for its reliability and is considered one of the best in the industry. This feature ensures that you’re always aware when you’ve fired your last round, reducing the risk of dry firing.

Additionally, the 4-position non-reciprocating front charge handle enhances the rifle‘s ambidextrous capabilities. It allows both right-handed and left-handed shooters to operate the rifle without any discomfort or need to reposition their hands. This is a crucial feature for those who value flexibility and control in their firearms.

Performance and Reliability

The Foxtrot Mike Products Mike-9B 9mm Forward Charging Rifle is not just about features; it’s about performance and reliability. This rifle is built with quality components, ensuring that it functions flawlessly right out of the box.

One of the critical components that contribute to its reliability is the quality Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). The BCG is the heart of any firearm, and Foxtrot Mike Products understands the importance of using a quality BCG for a combat-grade weapon.

Moreover, the rifle is designed with the correct gas system length and quality buffer system components, including the Sprinco Tactical Buffer. These components are crucial for the rifle’s proper function and recoil management.

Whether you’re using this rifle for competition, recreational shooting, or home defense, you can trust that it will perform consistently and reliably. Foxtrot Mike Products has a reputation for delivering firearms that exceed expectations in terms of durability and performance.


The Foxtrot Mike Products Mike-9B 9mm 16″ Forward Charging Rifle is a top-tier firearm designed for those who demand quality, performance, and reliability. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a discerning enthusiast, this rifle delivers on all fronts.

With its match-grade barrel, forward charging handle, monolithic upper receiver, and Glock magazine compatibility, the Mike-9B offers a compelling package at an affordable price point. It’s a versatile choice for various shooting applications, and its reliability makes it an excellent companion for any shooter.

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