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Discover the AR-15 KP-15 Complete Lower Receiver: A Game-Changer by KE Arms LLC

When it comes to firearms, innovation is the name of the game. The AR-15 platform, known for its versatility and customization options, sees constant evolution. One such groundbreaking product in this realm is the AR-15 KP-15 COMPLETE LOWER RECEIVERS MIL-SPEC POLYMER by KE ARMS LLC. Let’s dive deep into its features and understand why it stands out in the crowded market of AR-15 components.

Introduction to the KP-15

The KE Arms KP-15 is not just another lower receiver; it’s a revolution in design and functionality. Made from injection-molded, 30% glass-filled nylon, this monolithic polymer AR-15 style lower receiver is a testament to innovation. What sets it apart? The KP-15 uniquely integrates the buffer tube, pistol grip, trigger, and a 13-inch (LOP) buttstock directly into the receiver. This integration not only simplifies the design but also offers a lightweight and cost-effective solution for firearm enthusiasts.

AR-15 KP-15 Complete Lower Receiver

Its design ensures compatibility with all Mil-Spec fire control groups and even cassette style match triggers. The flared magwell is a thoughtful addition, making reloads under stress quicker and more efficient. Additionally, the receiver comes in two colors: classic black and flat dark earth, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

Key Features and Benefits

One of the standout features of the KP-15 is its built-in detents for the take down and pivot pins. This design choice enhances durability by eliminating the need for spring and detent holes. For those who prioritize aesthetics, KE Arms offers a longer hammer pin, ensuring a flush fit, although standard AR-15 hammer pins are still compatible.

The safety selector spring and detent are designed for top-loading, making the assembly process smoother. While standard selectors can be used, KE Arms recommends their designated mil-spec selector for easier removal.

For sling attachment enthusiasts, the MLOK Slots at the rear of the stock and pre-drilled holes in the front for QD socket inserts will be a welcome addition. It’s clear that every aspect of the KP-15 has been designed with the user in mind, from its ergonomic grip to its compatibility with a range of AR-15 uppers.


The AR-15 KP-15 COMPLETE LOWER RECEIVERS MIL-SPEC POLYMER by KE ARMS LLC is more than just a product; it’s a statement in the world of firearms. Its innovative design, combined with its durability and user-friendly features, makes it a must-have for any firearm enthusiast. Whether you’re building a new AR-15 or upgrading an existing one, the KP-15 is a choice you won’t regret. And the best part? You can order it from Brownells, a trusted name in the firearms industry. So, don’t wait! Click the link below and make the KP-15 a part of your collection today.

Note: Always ensure you follow local laws and regulations when purchasing firearm components.

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