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Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle Review

The Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle is an enhanced version of the legendary Colt LE6920, known for its reliability and performance. In this review, we’ll explore the features that make the LE6920-FBP2 a standout choice for shooters who demand excellence in their firearms.

Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle

The Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine takes the proven platform of the LE6920 and enhances it with key accessories, making it a top-tier choice for shooters. Let’s delve into the features that set this rifle apart:

Geissele 13-inch MK4 Rail System

The Geissele 13-inch MK4 rail system is a standout feature of the LE6920-FBP2. It offers a free-floated design, which means the barrel is not in contact with the handguard. This enhances accuracy by reducing interference that can affect barrel harmonics. Additionally, the extended rail provides ample space for attaching accessories like optics, lights, and grips, allowing you to customize the rifle to your exact preferences.

Magpul Pro Flip-Up Sights

Reliable sights are essential for any rifle, and the LE6920-FBP2 comes equipped with Magpul Pro flip-up front and rear sights. These sights are known for their durability and precision. They provide quick and effective aiming solutions, ensuring you’re always on target when it matters most. Whether you’re engaging targets at close quarters or distance, these sights have you covered.

B5 Bravo Buttstock

The B5 Bravo buttstock on the LE6920-FBP2 offers comfort and versatility. It’s designed to provide a solid cheek weld, enhancing your shooting stability and accuracy. Additionally, it features multiple QD sling attachment points, allowing you to configure your rifle for various carrying options. Whether you prefer a single-point sling or a traditional two-point sling setup, the B5 Bravo buttstock accommodates your choice.

Now that we’ve explored the key features of the Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine, let’s talk about its performance and why it’s a favorite among shooters.

Performance Excellence

The Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine is more than just a well-equipped rifle; it’s a reliable workhorse that delivers exceptional performance. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a law enforcement professional, or a responsible civilian, this rifle can meet your demands.

The Geissele MK4 rail system not only enhances accuracy but also allows you to customize your rifle to suit your shooting style. Whether you need to mount a scope for precision shooting or prefer a red dot sight for quick target acquisition, the LE6920-FBP2’s versatility shines.

The Magpul Pro flip-up sights provide a robust aiming solution, ensuring that your shots are always on target. Whether you’re in a high-pressure tactical situation or hitting the range for some practice, you can rely on these sights to perform when you need them most.

Reliability You Can Trust

Colt has a long history of producing firearms known for their dependability. The LE6920-FBP2 Carbine continues this legacy by offering a rifle that you can trust in the most challenging conditions. It’s built to withstand the rigors of intensive training, duty use, and competitive shooting.

Whether you’re patrolling the streets, participating in 3-gun competitions, or defending your home, the Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine ensures that your rifle is the last thing you need to worry about.


The Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine 5.56mm Rifle is an exceptional firearm that combines the legendary reliability of the Colt LE6920 with the added enhancements of the Geissele MK4 rail system, Magpul Pro sights, and the B5 Bravo buttstock. It’s a versatile and reliable choice for shooters who demand the best in their firearms.

When you choose the LE6920-FBP2, you’re investing in a rifle that can perform under pressure and adapt to your specific needs. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional, a competitive shooter, or a responsible gun owner, this rifle delivers on its promise of excellence.

Manufacturer: Colt

Product Number: LE6920-FBP2

Manufacturer Name: Colt

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